Immediate insurance

Did you just buy a car? Do you want to change insurer because you are paying too much? You are no longer insured and need to find a new contract without further delay? There are several good reasons to take out car insurance quickly. Fortunately, with car Accident Law, you no longer have to spend your weekend shopping around for insurers to compare offers. It is possible to take out car insurance in a few minutes, lesfurets explains how.


What is immediate car Accident Law?

Which immediate insurance formula to choose?

How to buy immediate car insurance?

Finalize the online subscription of the immediate car insurance that suits you best

Get your temporary green card and enjoy car Accident Law right away

Cancel your previous car insurance policy

Frequently asked questions about immediate car insurance on the internet

Immediate insurance

What is immediate car insurance?

To be authorized to drive on public roads, you must car Accident Law, even if you use your car very little. In an emergency, some insurance companies offer immediate coverage. The latter allows you to be covered within the hour, regardless of the formula chosen (third-party, third-party plus or all-risk insurance).

people who travel very occasionally

when you are car Accident Law period of time

when renting

if you are driving in a country not covered by your insurance

if you have just acquired a new vehicle (imported for example)

Not to be confused with temporary car insurance, which covers you from 1 day up to 90 days maximum!

Which immediate car Accident Law formula to choose?

As with conventional contracts, insurance companies will offer you the three basic formulas, namely:

Third-party insurance : the minimum formula that covers your needs, by covering the damage to your car (in the event of an accident, in the event of theft or vandalism, etc.)

Third-party plus insurance : which includes certain additional guarantees such as “theft”, “fire” and “breakage of glass”

All-risk insurance : the most complete offer that protects you and your car from all incidents, even when you are responsible

Note that these offers can be modulated according to your needs. It’s up to you to choose the cover that meets your criteria, your vehicle and your budget.

How to buy immediate car insurance?

Start by competing with immediate car insurance offers

Taking out insurance can quickly seem long. To save time, nothing better than going through an online car insurance comparator

Compare the different immediate car insurance offers

At the end of the form, you will obtain the insurance quotes of all the offers of our insurance partners corresponding to your needs . You will then be able to compare their prices, but also their guarantees , their exclusions (these cases where you will not be covered in the event of a claim), their general conditions (terms of claim declaration, payment deadlines, etc.), their special conditions (which bind you and your insurer), or the deductible levels .

Going through an auto insurance comparator like lesfurets saves you time and money! Savings that can reach an average of €360 on your old car insurance, with equivalent guarantees.

Finalize the online subscription of the immediate car insurance that suits you best

Do you want to quickly insure a car? So don’t wait any longer to subscribe: click on the “continue online” button . You will then be redirected to the insurer’s website to finalize your subscription.

Good news: you won’t need to fill in the information you’ve already filled in on the ferrets again. We will take care of sending them directly to the insurer you have chosen.

You can also ask to be called back by an advisor from the insurance company you have chosen . He will help you finalize your subscription over the phone and can answer all your questions and any doubts.compare

Without cover, you risk a fixed fine of €500 for lack of insurance, and up to a fine of €3,750 if the offense is repeated

Cancel your previous car insurance policy

You are obviously not concerned if it is the first time that you insure your car. Otherwise, do not forget this step at the risk of finding yourself paying two contributions at the same time. If your previous car insurance contract is more than a year old, you can take advantage of the Hamon law to terminate it free of charge and at any time .On the other hand, if your car insurance contract is less than a year old, you can only cancel it if:

Frequently asked questions about immediate car insurance on the internet

Who offers car insurance without advance payment of a first payment or without administration fees?

Yes, there are auto insurance policies on the market without down payment or application fees, which can be an advantage for some motorists who do not have the funds available immediately. However, keep in mind that this type of car insurance formula has some drawbacks. Indeed, the absence of a deposit may affect subsequent contributions. So think carefully before choosing this option, and don’t hesitate to compare immediate auto insurance quotes on the online comparator lesfurets.

How to insure a car immediately?

After comparing the different offers online, you can subscribe directly to the offer that interests you. A first deposit will be requested in order to finalize your file.

Can you insure a car quickly over the phone ?

Once your comparison has been made, and your choice has been made, you can proceed to take out your new car insurance. Either by e-mail, or by telephone according to your convenience. You can add benefits based on your needs and driving habits.

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