The list of parts that disappear when switching from a thermal car to an electric car is long: spark plugs, exhaust, gearbox, radiator, clutch, air filter and oil filter – all this, and many more. other things, is useless in the case of an electric motor. All these parts often lead to costly repairs which increase the vehicle’s operating bill. In total, according  to estimates by the Deutsches Institut für Automobil wirts chaft (IFA), the maintenance costs of an electric car are one third lower than those of a car with a combustion engine.

However, even with an electric car, regular check -ups are necessary .  The rule imposes a total overhaul  once a year . In addition to the classic car parts such as steering, air conditioning or windshield wipers, the following should be checked:

Braking system

They should be checked regularly – but changed less often. Indeed, the brakes of an electric car  wear less quickly due to the recovery of braking energy  – on the one hand because the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and recovered, on the other hand because recuperation also serves as an engine brake, resulting in less rapid wear of the braking system.

Tire control

On an electric car, the tires must be given special attention during maintenance. This is due to the fact that they are  stressed more than on a combustion engine car , given that the higher available torque allows very rapid starts, resulting in particular wear on the profile. Soft starts extend tire life.

AMAG Werkstatt

It is the most important organ of an electric car . The general condition must be checked, as well as all cable connections and the charging socket, which must be free of dust, dirt and rust. It is estimated that a battery can last between eight and fifteen years  (depending on the number of charge cycles) before reaching the end of its life. Until then, just replace the defective cells individually. Since the battery is the most expensive component of an electric car, it is a good idea to take care of it by  not leaving it less than 20% charged for too long and not charging it more than 80%.. Indeed, it can reduce the life of a lithium-ion battery. Similarly, it is preferable to use alternating current for recharging, as is the case with a Wallbox, rather than direct current, such as the fast charging terminals deliver.

Control and analysis of the electronic system

The components of the electronic system are also checked during inspection visits. Checking the proper functioning and performance  of these parts prevents spontaneous failures. The analysis of the electronic system also provides information on the expected life of the battery from the charging times and the performance observed.

Fluid top-ups

Typically, electric cars only have three fluids that need to be topped up from time to time:  brake fluid, windshield washer fluid,  and  coolant.  The latter is also required by the thermal management system of the VEB.

Attention!  If the maintenance or repairs to be carried out do not concern the high-voltage system of the electric car (e.g. changing tires, windscreen wipers), you can take your electric car to the garage of your choice. For the maintenance of all the components specific to an electric car, on the other hand, you must go to a specialized workshop with the necessary equipment and trained personnel.

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