Luxury cars are undoubtedly a significant investment, and buyers who tend to buy these high-end vehicles may expect to be impressed while researching these luxurious cars online. Any buyer interested in investing $100,000 or even more while buying such a luxurious vehicle would undoubtedly wish to see meaningful images online showing complete details regarding their options. Following are a few things that dealerships must know when choosing imagery to improve the online user experience for buyers of luxury cars.


As per data compiled by Gravy Analytics, buyers of luxury cars usually make quick decisions. The website highlighted that luxury buyers who are in the millennial demographic took only 18 days. Not just that, but Gen X and Baby Boomers as well, only took around 20 days. The article highlighted that approximately 62 percent of these people were in the market due to the reason that they wanted a new vehicle. According to various other studies, luxury buyers were usually more motivated by their wants or emotional triggers instead of the need for a new vehicle. Images could prove to be beneficial to this particular buying segment as many of them are making decisions based on their emotions.

Dealerships can give importance to adding a slideshow of images which may assist the luxury buyers in understanding the unique design and features of a particular luxury automobile model in a better manner. Along with that, immersive as well as interactive experiences can also prove to be effective in reaching these luxury buyers.


Luxury buyers may not require or need a vehicle. Instead, they may be making a decision to purchase the vehicle because of their emotional desire. Dealerships can offer buyers of luxury cars a variety of images as well as experiences in order to assist them in finding their dream car or in fact the car they did not have any idea they needed or rather wanted.

Add an expansive photo slideshow that has been compiled from professional and experienced car dealership photographers.


Certain dealerships obtain a unique and luxury vehicle from a buyer trade-in. Some of the vehicle models can be extremely rare or may have some unique details that are difficult to be captured through stock photos.

Those dealerships that desire to highlight a particular vehicle in their inventory can avail themselves of Auto Image Services, which provides professional vehicle photo services. Small special touches, luxury props, or a unique backdrop can be included in these photo shoots that help complement the unique qualities and design of the vehicle. The dealership owner can also be featured.

While marketing a luxury vehicle or unique couture, the dealerships should be careful regarding the content that would be added along with the images. The online copy or the marketing copy for these vehicles needs to be engaging and must be including important details that buyers may need as they continue to search for their perfect luxury car. The description must also demonstrate the vehicle’s luxury status. Custom photos won’t be included in stock libraries as these images are exclusive to the dealership. Previous post Why Should You Use Cotton Seat Covers in Your Car?
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